PELLI CERAMIC MAINTAIN Ceramic Waterless Cleaner

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PELLI CERAMIC MAINTAIN is a revolutionary 3-in-1 supercar-grade, concentrated, ceramic-infused cleaner and detailer designed specifically to maintain and detail today’s advanced metal-alloy and carbon fiber mountain and road bike frames.

Using our advanced nanotechnology formula, just a few sprays of CERAMIC MAINTAIN cuts through dirt, oil, grease, and grime to clean your frame, bars, fork, and wheels without streaking or scratching, while leaving behind a deep mirror shine on painted surfaces and smooth matte perfection on carbon fiber and raw or anodized alloys.

The unique ceramic-infused formula fills microscopic pores and imperfections in your frame and instantly seals them from the elements while providing an ultra-slick hydrophobic coating that resists further buildup of organic contaminants. 

Specially formulated for today’s advanced road and mountain bike frame technology, CERAMIC MAINTAIN will boost and extend the life of PELLI CERAMIC PROTECT coating and keep your bike cleaner for longer while providing dramatically easier maintenance and cleaning in all conditions.

Want to know more?  Dive deep into the technology and usage behind PELLI Ceramic MAINTAIN here.


  • Concentrated formula for maximum cleaning power.  Just a few sprays cleans, conditions, and shines your frame.  
  • 3 Advanced Formulas in 1 Bottle: Clean, Condition, and Protect in one easy application.
  • Maintain your ride’s lubricated surfaces with true waterless application. Simply spray on to contaminated surfaces and wipe off with a clean microfiber towel. 
  • Extends the life of your CERAMIC PROTECT coated frame and components.
  • Leaves behind a durable layer of protection that sheds dirt, water, and contaminants.
  • Non-Toxic formula with tropical orange scent is safe for application on paint, carbon fiber, alloy, plastic, rubber, and even on protective tape and custom-fit bike protection kits.