PELLI 101: How to use Ceramic MAINTAIN

Now that you're a PELLI product expert (if you're not, click here for a crash course), let's get specific and dive deep on the use and application of Ceramic MAINTAIN.  

PELLI Ceramic MAINTAIN is an advanced 3-in-1 formula that is designed to (1) Clean, (2) Condition, and (3) Protect your frame.  The cleaning agents in Ceramic MAINTAIN instantly remove dirt, dust, oil, and grime from the surface, while active lubricating additives prevent scratches as you safely wipe them away.  

In addition to the cleaning properties, Ceramic MAINTAIN also contains advanced nano-technology ingredients that fill micro-pores in the surface of your paint or matte finish, sealing them from the elements and protecting them from embedded water, dirt, and other contaminants.  The ceramic-infused formula leaves behind a high gloss hydrophobic barrier that not only shines your bike beyond even the factory condition, but also resists future buildup of performance-robbing grime.  

To begin, working one section at a time, simply spray Ceramic MAINTAIN liberally onto all dirty surfaces.  Ceramic MAINTAIN's formula is safe on all components - although it works best on surfaces that can be wiped after application (eg. not best for your cassette, bottom bracket, etc. - for this, you'll want to look at PELLI EcoCLEAN).  

NOTE: Make sure to avoid contamination on brake rotors and pads.  If cleaning your wheels, fork, or rear triangle - or anywhere overspray is possible - cover your pads (we often use just a scrap piece of cardboard as a spray-shield) OR simply spray the product directly onto your towel before wiping down.

Next, simply wipe down the sprayed area with a clean microfiber towel.  Dirt, dust, oil, road grime, etc. will lift off the surface onto your towel and Ceramic MAINTAIN's advanced lubricants will prevent this action from scratching your surface.  

We recommend working from the cleanest surface (i.e. top tube) down.  This helps prevent buildup of contamination on your towel in the beginning of the process that then "travels" to cleaner areas of your bike.

Now, simply fold your towel over to a clean surface (or, better yet, have a second clean towel handy), and wipe down all treated surfaces again.  This eliminates any streaks and brings out a deep gloss shine, simultaneously activating the enhanced hydrophobic protection.  

Now get out and ride.  After all - the only purpose to a clean bike is to give you a blank canvas to paint again!