The PELLI Story

At PELLI, we believe your next adventure is only as good as the kick-ass ride that takes you there.  Muddy trails and grimy roads don't slow us down, and there's something about rinsing that hard work off your ride that just feels good. We believe Simple Green and dish soap belong in the kitchen...

That’s why we created PELLI.

Whether you’re in search of ultimate efficiency, a sexy silhouette, or just want your precious investment to stay clean and protected as long as possible, our products are formulated FOR RIDERS, BY RIDERS. After years of settling for sub-par re-branded automotive cleaners, we decided to do something about it.  We know what doesn’t work (trust us - we've tried it all), so we set out to make something that does.


Friends. Brothers. Innovators.


Although our products didn’t launch until 2020, Pelli Bike Care actually began in 1998, on the lawn of Loyola Marymount University where our founders first met on Leavy Field. Both were obsessed with mountain biking from an early age and cross-trained on bikes across the West Coast and the Rockies every chance they got. As their friendship aged and their bike obsessions grew, the pair grew tired of deteriorating parts and sub-par performance as the result of crappy cleaning products. After all, great equipment is expensive. What’s the point of spending money on a fantastic bike if it isn’t going to last?
And so, the wheels, as they say, started turning. Over many years, and even more post-ride beers, the two friends compared virtually every "bike cleaning product" on the market. To their frustration, a superior product simply didn’t exist. Comparing notes on countless morning rides, they finally channeled their dissatisfaction into years of playing chemist, testing new formulas, a few more beers, and some serious research and development.


The wait is over.


PELLI Premium Bike Care has arrived. Now serious riders like you have the advanced bike cleaning solutions and high-tech ceramic protectants you need to treat your bike like the rock star it is.