The PELLI Process: What, Why, How, and When

So just what is "The PELLI Process" and why should I care?  In short, the PELLI Process is an entirely new approach to premium bike care that focuses on protection and maintenance in addition to just essential cleaning.

After years of disappointment with inferior cleaning products for our bikes - many of which cost more than some of our early vehicles - PELLI decided to do something about it.  Our chemists spent years finalizing these proprietary blends and dialing in their formulas to not only be the highest performance bike care solutions on the market, but also to be extremely easy and straightforward to apply.  

Starting with base formulas and technologies typically reserved for luxury, exotic, and collector vehicles, we reverse-engineered our formulas to deliver all of the performance you'd expect on a 6-figure supercar in proprietary blends that are safe on the delicate finishes and components we ride AND built specifically to tackle the elements that we encounter most: dirt, sweat, mud, rain, oil, road grime and more.  

What is Ceramic Protection and Why Do I Need This?  

If you spend any time waxing or detailing your car, you've probably heard about new ceramic technologies that replace and eliminate the need for regular waxing.  Like wax, they provide a hydrophobic barrier to your car's finish that creates intense water beading and dirt run-off in addition to a high-gloss finish.  However - unlike wax - these coatings are extremely durable and can last from several months to several years depending on the application.  Once applied, these coatings bond and cure to the application surface and form an extremely hydrophobic and UV protective barrier that protects the delicate finish underneath. 

As bike technology has evolved over the past decade, many manufacturers have started turning out both alloy and carbon frames that features true luxury-car-level finishes including metallic paints, smooth matte carbon details, and high-gloss powder coated components.  Caring for these finishes was something we always struggled with - and finding the right blend of formulas was something that was either extremely complicated, extremely expensive, or simply didn't exist.  

Enter PELLI.  

This is where PELLI was born.  Taking inspiration from these amazing new ceramic technologies, we created a bike care line that is affordable, easy to apply, and, most importantly, delivers ultimate performance for everyone from the casual to elite cyclist.  

Featuring only the highest quality ingredients, our revolutionary lineup of cleaners and protectants give your bike a showroom quality finish for as many miles as your legs can push it through.  

However - the simplicity is what makes the PELLI Process so unique.  Simply follow these steps and experience new bike day everyday.

1. CLEAN: First, deep clean your entire bike front to back with PELLI EcoCLEAN.  This product is safe on ALL components - drivetrain, fork stanchions, suspension pivots, etc.  

2. PROTECT: Once cleaned and dried, protect your frame with PELLI Ceramic PROTECT OR for the ultimate in ultra-long-lasting performance, step up to PELLI Extreme GRAPHENE.  Simply wipe on a newly cleaned frame, fork legs, cranks, even rims (with disc brakes), and buff off for a showroom shine and long-lasting water and dirt-shedding performance.

3. MAINTAIN: Now you're ready to ride.  After your first day on the trails, simply spray down your frame with Ceramic MAINTAIN and wipe off to refresh your Ceramic PROTECT and Extreme GRAPHENE coating and restore the new-bike look.  Use before or after every ride to extend the cleaning performance of your coatings until your next deep-clean and then repeat the process as scripted above.