PELLI RideRepel Application Instructions

IMPORTANT: Product must be applied to a clean, uncontaminated surface for maximum bonding strength and lasting protection.  Deep clean and dry all contaminated surfaces with PELLI EcoCLEAN or SURFACE PREP first for best results.  

  1. Ensure cap is tightly sealed and shake product gently for 5-10 seconds before application. 
  2. Saturate approximately ½ of 1 side of microfiber foam block applicator with solution.
  3. Wipe wet side of applicator onto all desired components (bars, fork lowers, etc.) working one section at a time. Re-wet applicator as needed during application.  DO NOT let product touch any braking surfaces (rotors, pads, etc.).
  4. Allow product to dry and flash on surface for 1-3 minutes (actual drying time will depend on temperature, humidity, etc.).  When ready to be removed, product will have a slight rainbow on the surface or begin to haze very slightly.
  5. Remove product with a clean microfiber towel.  Buff treated area thoroughly and ensure no streaks or high spots.
  6. NOTE: If product is left on surface for too long before removal, high-spots (hazy or streaky areas) may appear.  To remove, simply re-apply wet product over high spot and repeat steps 4 and 5 above.
  7. Allow product to cure for 4 hours before exposing to water or contaminants, etc.  Surfaces can be handled after application (wrapping, packing, etc.) - though it is critical to avoid moisture exposure for a minimum of 4 hours.