PELLI RideRepel Graphene Ceramic Bike Protection

Introducing PELLI RideRepelTM - the world's first and most advanced Graphene-Ceramic technology designed specifically for your bike.  This revolutionary nano-technology ceramic coating offers the latest and most advanced Graphene Ceramic technology available today - typically reserved for high-end luxury exotics and supercars.  PELLI’s proprietary true-graphene ceramic formula instantly bonds to the surface of your bike and creates a near-permanent protective barrier that is both intensely hydrophobic and ultra-slick - instantly shedding water, mud, dirt, and road grime and making regular cleaning and maintenance a fast, easy, and efficient process…so you can CLEAN LESS, RIDE MORE.  

Once cured (approximately 4 hours after application), this coating offers an impenetrable layer of protection that will shield and preserve your bike’s showroom finish for 9+ years.  In addition to its incredible self-cleaning performance, RideRepelTM also buffs to an incredible deep gloss shine on painted surfaces and will give your matte and/or raw carbon frame a deep true-color appearance that we guarantee to be better-than-new.


Graphene is graphite (carbon) that has been chemically engineered to create a molecular structure resembling a honeycomb lattice pattern.  When infused into a carrier solution (the base of PELLI’s RideRepelTM formula), this atomic structure bonds to compatible surfaces (paint, clear coat, raw carbon and alloys, vinyl, plastic, etc.) and creates an impenetrable and ultra-slick hydrophobic barrier that is 200 times stronger than steel, yet 6 times lighter and more flexible.   In addition to its functional benefits (keeping your bike cleaner, longer, and lengthening the time required between regular maintenance), PELLI’s nano-technology formula also fills in pores and micro-scratches in your bike’s surface when applied – creating an ultra-smooth finish that dramatically improves the surface appearance and creates a uniform shine / gloss or deep matte finish that we guarantee to be better-than-new.


Graphene Chemical Structure


  • Creates an ultra long-lasting (9+ years) protective hydrophobic barrier that repels water, dirt, dust, mud, and grime and prevents contaminants from sticking to the surface – dramatically lengthening the time required between deep cleanings.
  • Makes post-application washing and maintenance faster, easier, and safer on sensitive and raw finishes (no brushing / scratching required) and allows stuck-on contamination (heavy clay, oils, etc.) to be released with a low-pressure freshwater rinse or PELLI Waterless Wash spray and wipe.
  • Anti-Static technology resists dust adhesion and water-spotting – keeping your bike cleaner, longer with no maintenance.
  • Nano-Technology formula fills pores and micro-scratches, enhancing appearance with deep mirror shine on painted frames and creating long-lasting deep luster on matte and raw carbon.
  • Bonds to all bike surfaces – raw carbon, clearcoat, paint, alloy (including anodized), vinyl, protective tape, plastic, etc.
  • 9+ year durability per application.