PELLI SOFT SUEDE Microfiber Foam Block Applicator

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Safely apply your PELLI Ceramic Bike Protection coatings with this ultra-soft suede microfiber applicator.  This scratch-free disposable applicator features a low-pile design engineered to transfer PELLI's Ceramic Bike Protection materials to your bike's finish with minimal absorption into the inner applicator sponge.

The internal foam block allows even application of your coating material even in tight frame spaces, over molded carbon or aluminum protrusions, etc. while the small rectangular form gets into all the turns and angles inside your frame to provide ultimate protection with your hydrophobic protective coating.  

NOTE: Each applicator is good for 2-3 uses with PELLI Ceramic Coatings.  Once excess material crystalizes and cures inside the microfiber surface, the applicator will no longer be safe for scratch-free application and will need to be replaced.  We recommend using one surface of the applicator per application and replacing every 2-3 uses.