PELLI CERAMIC PROTECT Ceramic Bike Protection

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PELLI CERAMIC PROTECT is a technologically advanced ceramic-infused liquid that instantly bonds to your bike's premium finish to create a long-lasting hydrophobic barrier that beads and repels water, dirt, dust, road grime, oil, and mud. 

Our advanced nano-polymer formula creates an invisible hydrophobic shield on all treated surfaces that beads and repels water from the surface, making it more difficult for dirt, dust, mud, and road grime to stick and dry.  With an easy-to-use wipe on, buff off application, CERAMIC PROTECT instantly bonds to the surface of your frame and treated components, providing 2-3 months of high-strength protection (under moderate riding conditions). 

Specially formulated for today’s advanced road and mountain bike frame materials, CERAMIC PROTECT’S self-cleaning, ultra-slick coating will keep your bike cleaner for longer and allows for easier maintenance and cleaning in all conditions.

Want to know more?  Dive deep into the technology and usage behind PELLI Ceramic PROTECT here.


  • Creates long-lasting protective hydrophobic barrier to repel water, dirt, dust, mud, and grime.
  • Easy application with spray / wipe on, buff-off formula.
  • 8 oz. formula offers 12-15 applications - enough to protect (2) bikes for over an entire year.
  • Safe for application on paint, carbon fiber, alloy, plastic, rubber, and even on protective tape.
  • Enhances appearance with deep mirror shine on painted frames and creates long-lasting deep black finish on Carbon Fiber.
  • Creates ultra-slick surface making washing and maintenance faster, easier, and safer on sensitive and raw finishes.
  • Long-lasting protection with 2-3 months per application.
  • Tropical berry scent