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Keep your drivetrain smooth, quiet, and efficient with our specialized chain and drivetrain cleaning tool.  Featuring a 3-sided bristle head, our firm brush heads scrub your chain hundreds of times per second to remove stuck on dirt, grime, and grease. Flip the brush over for a soft-bristle head that easily penetrates hard-to-reach areas such as the space between suspension pivots, inside rear triangle crevices, etc.  Unlike many similar tools, the PELLI Chain Brush features a tightly spaced brush head (no space between bristles ensuring maximum contact and cleaning power) and a compact design that fits easily in most bike-packs and hybrid hydration packs.  Keeping your drivetrain clean and free of debris can dramatically improve efficiency, power output, as well as the life of your components.  For best results, use with PELLI EcoCLEAN spray and experience the benefits of a showroom new drivetrain.  


  • Triple-sided, firm-bristle brush head offers 360 degree cleaning of your chain.
  • Single-sided soft-bristle head penetrates and breaks loose dirt, grime, and grease buildup in hard to reach areas.
  • Compact design packs easily in bike-packs, hybrid hydration packs, etc.
  • Comfort-grip handle made of hardened ABS plastic for maximum durability and longevity
  • Extend the life of your drivetrain and improve efficiency