The Results of EcoCLEAN on your Drivetrain

Looking for a safe and easy way to clean your drivetrain?  Take a look at PELLI EcoCLEAN Biodegradable Bike Wash.  This eco-friendly cleaner and degreaser attacks dirt, dust, oil, and road grime while the alkaline-based biodegradable protects even the most sensitive painted, raw carbon, matte, and even anodized surfaces.  

Simply spray EcoCLEAN on your entire drivetrain (chain, cassette, derailleur, etc.), allow to sit and penetrate for 2-3 minutes, and rinse off with low-pressure fresh water.  For exceptionally dirty components or heavy grease buildup, agitate before rinsing with a firm-bristle brush.  

While you're at it, give the rest of your frame, suspension pivots, rims, etc. a spray and simply rinse off for a showroom-new shine.  Finish with a fresh coat of PELLI Ceramic PROTECT for a deep gloss or matte luster that will protect your ride for 1-3 months in a single application.