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Don't be fooled by imitations...all microfiber towels are NOT created equal.  The ultimate in Premium Bike Care & Protection requires a towel that's up to the task.  We tested dozens of towels looking for the optimum in absorbency, utility, and softness and sourced our microfiber detailing towel from manufacturers specializing in high-end luxury exotics and supercars.

Our Ultra-Plush 16" x 16" detailing towel is made with the highest quality 70% Polyester / 30% Polyamide Microfiber and has been tested to maintain optimum performance for over 100 washes.  The edgeless design and 400GSM heavy-weight material offers the ultimate in scratch and swirl-free performance to Clean, Coat, and Detail your ride.  

The unique double-sided design offers a high-pile, ultra-plush, highly absorbent side for waterless washing and quick post-ride detailing while the low pile back side is idea for streak-free finishing and detail work.  

The unique hydrophilic fibers pull water in, making this towel extremely absorbent while also drying quickly and preventing bacterial and microbial buildup.  Perfect for daily details with PELLI Ceramic MAINTAIN or for a final buff to bring out depth and shine after your PELLI Ceramic PROTECT applications.  


  • Premium Microfiber FabricOur premium blend of 70% polyester / 30% polyamide microfiber yarn and true 70 / 30 blend base layer, is extremely soft and gentle. The ultra-fine yarn is swirl and scratch-free on even the most delicate finishes.  
  • Edgeless Design: Featuring an ultra-sonic cut, zero-edge finish, our premium towel offers maximum detailing surface area without rough edges that can scratch your frame's surface.  
  • Dual-Pile Design: High and Low Pile sides for maximum versatility - get all the benefits of an ultra-plush, highly absorbent towel with the advantage of a low-pile side for streak-free detail and finish work.  
  • Perfect Size and Weight: Our 400GSM 16" x 16" edgeless design is the ultimate in softness and cushion.  Fold the towel in quarters for 8 different sections to ensure a clean surface while detailing even the dirtiest rides.