PELLI Ultimate Cleaning Kit Instructions

The PELLI Ultimate Cleaning Kit is the gold standard of cleaning and protection designed to keep your ride looking and rolling like new.  Including everything you need to quickly and easily CLEAN, PROTECT, and MAINTAIN any bike for up to a full year, the Ultimate Cleaning Kit makes regular maintenance fast and efficient and lengthens the time required between deep cleanings so you can CLEAN LESS, RIDE MORE. 

This guide will take you through the full cleaning and maintenance process.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.


EcoCLEAN Instructions: Spray, Sit, Rinse

To begin the process and prepare your bike for the ceramic coating application, deep clean your bike with PELLI EcoCLEAN.  This product is a drivetrain cleaner and top-to-bottom bike wash that is effective on grease and grime but also gentle enough to be used on painted and raw surfaces (safe on carbon, alloy, anodized, matte, etc. finishes).  

1. Wet the bike thoroughly before application to cool the surface and prevent on-contact drying.  Do not apply in direct sunlight or to a hot surface (clean in shade if possible).  

2. Spray EcoCLEAN directly on the surface of the entire bike with a focus on heavily soiled areas (cassette, drivetrain, suspension pivots, etc.).  

3. Allow product to sit for 2-3 minutes to loosen and break down contaminants.  In most cases, no brushing or agitation is required - though for heavily soiled drivetrain, effectiveness can be increased by scrubbing chain rings, cassette, etc. with a firm-bristle brush.  

4. Rinse bike thoroughly with low pressure freshwater and ensure the removal of all suds / foam on the surface.  

NOTE: For more information and a deep-dive on PELLI EcoCLEAN, see here.


Ceramic Protect Instructions: Spray, Apply, Buff

Your bike is now EcoCLEAN and ready for a ceramic coating.  PELLI's Ceramic PROTECT product creates a 3-6 month hydrophobic barrier on all applied surfaces that will resist dirt and dust buildup and allow any contaminants to release easily to dramatically increase the efficiency in follow-up cleanings.  

1. Starting on a dry bike surface, apply 4-5 sprays of Ceramic PROTECT directly into included microfiber foam block applicator.  

2. Wipe applicator directly onto bike surface and all areas protection is desired, re-spraying applicator as-needed to ensure even coverage.  Ceramic PROTECT is designed to bond to all bike finishes (including protective tape, matte, raw carbon, etc.) and safe on all surfaces EXCEPT brake pads and rotors.  The product will not "shine" matte surfaces, but will deepen the color on all matte finishes and bring out a high gloss on paint and powder-coated surfaces.  

3. Allow product to dry for 2-3 minutes (allow a few extra minutes in high-humidity) and then buff with the included microfiber towel.  

4. Allow the surface to cure for 3-4 hours and avoid exposure to water during cure time (bike is safe to ride - but bonding strength will be increased if cured out of direct sunlight).

That's all there is to it - your bike is now Ceramic PROTECTED and you will notice intense water beading properties and dramatically reduced "sticking" of dirt, mud, road grime, etc. after application.  

NOTE: For more information and a deep-dive on PELLI Ceramic PROTECT, see here.


Waterless Wash Instructions: Spray, Wipe, Buff

Once your bike has been EcoCLEANED and Ceramic PROTECTED - the time required between deep cleanings will be significantly extended.  To keep the bike looking showroom-new, Waterless Wash can be used daily or as-needed as a quick detailer to remove mild to moderate contamination.  

1. Spray Waterless Wash directly onto all soiled surfaces.  The Waterless Wash formula is safe on brake pads and rotors and can be applied directly to the entire bike.  

2. Using the high-pile side of the included microfiber towel, wipe down the sprayed areas to remove contamination.  The Waterless Wash formula includes proprietary cleaning agents that encapsulate contaminants while lubricating the surface to prevent scratching during the cleaning process.  However - for heavy caked-on mud, rocks, etc. we recommend making a first light-pass to remove larger debris and then re-spraying and wiping with a clean section of a microfiber towel to clean to the surface.

3. Flip towel over to low-pile side and buff treated areas to remove any streaks and bring out a high gloss or smooth matte finish.  


You've now completed the PELLI Process. To keep your bike in pristine condition, we recommend the following frequency:

EcoCLEAN: Every 6-8 weeks as-needed (depending on riding conditions)

Ceramic PROTECT: Every 2-3 months for optimum performance.  Each application will last 3-6 months - and each 8 oz. bottle will deliver 12-15 full bike coatings.  The coatings will "stack" up to 2-3 applications.  For optimum efficiency, re-coating every 2-3 months will add increasing protection over time. 

Waterless Wash: Daily or as-needed to restore shine or uniform matte surface.